Mapping Knowledge Brokers Working to Prevent Violence Against Girls and Boys


Date of publication:  09 May 2017 Publisher:  Assembly for Children & Violence Evaluation Fund Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This report emphasizes on violence specifically directed toward young boys and girls, while looking at some of the actors involved in combating this perpetual issue. Despite the collaborations existent among many of these actors, the report underscores the imperativeness of an increasing effort for collectivism and team work among these organizations. This report furthermore highlights organizations involved in this issue, while assessing their techniques and influences, their contributions, production, and translation of evidence, the information released, along with information of members of their typical audience. Lastly, the report discusses possible techniques that may be utilized in a collective manner among these organizations. Furthermore, this report extracts information from research and interviews from 15 crucial organizations whose activities are revolved around the prevention of violence toward children and females. In addition to this, this report obtains information from a knowledge brokers convention in Geneva, from October 11, 2016.




  • Target 16.2: Featured in the Suitable Development Goals, where the objective is geared towards the end of abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and violence of children and females.
  • The birth of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, which is gathering increasing funds and support.
  • Increasing prevention of violence against females and children through the growing position of the health system.​


  • 13 countries have completed the full implementation of VACs (Violence Against Children) surveys, which are established to have an approximate idea of the existence of several forms of violence and the health factors and concerns that emerge as a result.
  • July 2016: The World Health Organization along with 9 of its partners released INSPIRE: Seven Strategies for Ending Violence Against Children​​​

Opportunities for Collective Action 

  • Knowledge brokers possess commonality of wanting to focus more on INSPIRE
  • Successfully initiate action, enhance communicative techniques, production, research, and coordination. Furthermore, the brokers agreed that the increase of investment in preventative measures is imperative.
  • The expansion of the scope: Expansion was listed as another priority among the knowledge brokers, for there is a desire to increase the number of individuals and groups to join the battle against youth and female violence. Moreover, there is a common desire to produce more clear definitions of "violence against children" and to address other types of violence, which would thus enable multi-sector efforts.


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