Methodology for Working with Young People in Rural Areas and within the Child Protection System

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Date of publication:  20 Dec 2016 Author:  Gabriela Neagu Claudia Petrescu Publisher:  SOS Children's Villages Romania Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

The publication is part of SOS Children's villages project, to trz and identifz and assess measures to support the social and professional integration of young people from disadvantaged groups, namely those from rural areas and within the child protection system. Based on that the purpose was to draft two methodologies, one for working with young people in rural areas and another with those leaving care. This work involved collecting data from decision makers and/or staff working wiht young people in relevant public institutions, as well as from concerned young people themselves. There has also been an assessment of secondary data regarding the child protection system and young people in rural areas, as well as of various documents, including public policy documents specifying the measures adopted for the social and professional integration of disadvantaged young people.


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