Migration Crisis


Date of publication:  03 Aug 2016 Authors:  Home Affairs Committee Publisher:  House of Commons Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The House of Commons have produced a report exploring the many different dimensions of the migration crisis affecting Europe. The report examines the responses to this crisis from both EU and UK levels.From the perspective of the UK, the results of the EU referendum have the potential to impact the numbers of migrants entering the UK from France. Indeed, the report observes that: "Since the EU Referendum, there have been reports of some politicians in France calling for the trilateral Le Touquet agreement on juxtaposed borders to end, and for the UK border to be moved back from Calais and other Channel ports to the Kent coast." The worry is that such suggestions will encourage vulnerable migrants to make more hazardous journeys. The focus of this report is largely on questions of illegal/ irregular boarder crossings and matters pertaining to security. Nevertheless, the final chapter brings a more humanitarian perspective as it focuses on the question of how to protect some of the most vulnerable migrants - such as women and children. Particular attention is given to the fact that Europol estimates that as many as 10,000 unaccompanied minors have simply disappeared since their arrival in the EU. This raises grave concerns about the vulnerability of such children to sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The terrible conditions experienced in the Calais migrant camp known as 'the jungle' are also acknowledged to be serious risk factors in terms of health but also in terms of pushing migrants into states of desperation where they are more likely to fall into the hands of people smugglers. 

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