Mixed Migration Flows in the Mediterranean and Beyond Migrant Profiles: Flow Monitoring Surveys


Date of publication:  01 Mar 2017 Publisher:  International Organization for Migration Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This report summarizes the results of interviews performed with 4,477 Afghan and Pakistani migrants, which took place in the Western portion of the Balkans, from January to November 2016, and conducted within the International Organization for Migration's Displacement Tracking Matrix, as a method to spotlight contemporary patterns of migration into Europe while meeting the needs of migrants. Furthermore, the Displacement Tracking Index is designed to successfully provide information to imperative associates and to address the contemporary migrant crises. The surveys were furthermore conducted by International Organization for Migration surveyors throughout Southeast and Central Europe, where the surveys had heavily analyzed factors such as age, sex, nationality, educational background, their journey, the monetary component of their journey, motivations, and goals.

The findings of the interviews can be summarized through the following points:


  • 28% of the participants interviewed in 2016 who had traveled throughout Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, were from Afghanistan
  • The average age among Afghan participants was 25 years old
  • 76% of Afghan female migrants who participated in these interviews traveled with a group, compared to the 73% of male Afghan participants of these interviews
  • Among all Afghan respondents, 67% indicated their journey had cost between 1,000 to 5,000 USD per individual while 25% of this bracket reported that the estimated amount of their journey exceeded 5,000 USD
  • More than 50% of Afghan participants had indicated that Germany was their desired country of arrival


  • The average age among participants from Pakistan was 26 years old
  • 54% of Pakistani participants had obtained a post-secondary education
  • All female Pakistani participants were traveling with a group, compared to the 77% of their male counterparts in the survey
  • 60% of the participants had indicated their travel costs amounted between 1,000 to 5,000 USD
  • Nearly 50% of the participants from Pakistan had identified Italy as their desired country of destination


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