Model of child-friendly justice system for victims/witnesses of sexual offenses, domestic violence and human trafficking


Date of publication:  05 May 2016 Authors:  National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention from Moldova Publisher:  National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention Moldova Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

Given the need to have a common vision of a genuine child-friendly justice system and a very clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities undertaken for an effective protection of child victims/witnesses of crimes of sexual nature, child trafficking or family violence, in the investigation of such cases, a Model of friendly justice system for child victim/witness of sexual offenses, domestic violence and human trafficking was developed.

In November 2015, the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention (NCCAP) started piloting the Model in Balti municipality and in the district of Orhei (Moldova). The Model contains standards and performance indicators for professionals working with and for children in the process of ensuring child protection, identifying and investigating cases of children who are victims/ witnesses of sexual offenses, children trafficking or family violence. The standards list actions that an authority/professional or both need to take in order to meet the standards and performance indicators.

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