Monthly data collection on the migration situation in the EU-March 2017


Date of publication:  01 Apr 2017 Publisher:  European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This document features imperative themes that had occurred in European migration for the month of March 2017. Specifically, the report includes components that are vital to the continent's flow of migration, such as external land sea borders, internal borders and airports. In addition to this, the report features criminal proceedings. In regards to bureaucratic aspects and the process of asylum, the report produces an array of facts and numerical claims pertaining to border and asylum claims. Moreover, concepts such as return and reception, conditions such as popular destinations for migration detention, as well as safety and material conditions, health care, and services for vulnerable people, child protection, accommodation and family reunification, legal, social, and legislative actions are included in the report. Lastly, this text investigates the responses and actions assumed by various actors and the violent hate crimes that has pervaded much of Europe. 

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