National Study on Sexual Violence against Children

The first national study on social problem of sexual violence against children in Republic of Serbia


Date of publication:  01 Oct 2015 Authors:  Dr Ljiljana Bogavac Dr Stanislava Otasevic Prof. dr Viktorija Cucic Dusica Popadic Publisher:  Incest Trauma Center Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The general aim of the National Study was to assess the proportions of the phenomenon of child sexual abuse
(CSA) in Serbia by defining its incidence and prevalence in the target group of school children.

The National Study was conducted on a representative sample of 2053 children aged between 10 and 18, from 97
schools, 61 primary schools and 36 secondary schools from 51 cities in Serbia. The sample was defined according
to the data base of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

It is of utmost importance that, through a series of results, the National Study has clearly verified the gender
component, i.e. the ways in which CSA affects girls and boys respectively, and that it has clearly confirmed the
proper understanding of CSA as a form of gender based violence targeting predominantly girls. Out of 5 CSA
survivors, 4 are girls and 1 is a boy.

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