Out from the Shadows: Sexual Violence against Children with Disabilities


Date of publication:  30 Sep 2011 Publisher:  Save The Children Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Children with disabilities can be particularly vulnerable to sexual violence due to the fact that they are often isolated from broader society and lack education or information about their rights. Similarly, if a child with a disability experiences sexual abuse, they are often unable to access child protection, medical and legal services or reporting mechanisms. Even if they do report their abuse, they may not be taken seriously due to stigma associated with disabilities. The report recommends that professionals in medical, law enforcement, legal, educational, psychological and social services should be trained to be responsive and sensitive to children with disabilities who may have experienced sexual abuse, and that exchange of information among these professionals is essential for early intervention and appropriate referrals. Improved networking and information exchanges between child protection and disability services, disability advocacy and human rights organisations are also suggested. 

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