Overview of the Child Trafficking Phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova


Date of publication:  22 Jun 2010 Authors:  Viorela Rusu Publisher:  La Strada Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The present study represents an attempt to present qualitative, as well as some quantitative characteristics of the child trafficking phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova. The study report includes information about the average portrait of a victim of child trafficking, factors that increase child vulnerability to involvement into child trafficking situations, main characteristic features or elements of a child trafficking crime identified — peculiarities of recruitment, transportation, forms of exploitation and criminal methods of influence/control used against children. In the study report, existing models of child trafficking are presented both at the transnational level where children-citizens of the Republic of Moldova become subjects of exploitation in other countries, and child trafficking inside of the country. Besides, the report reflects some new trends in the evolution of the child trafficking phenomenon, and gives an analysis of its relation to the phenomenon of child sex-tourism that emerged recently in Moldova.

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