Policy on Children


Date of publication:  20 Nov 2016 Publisher:  International Criminal Court The office of the Prosecutor Publication type:  Legal / Policy Framework

The Policy was developed by the International Criminal Court as it engages with children in various contexts and circumstances, notably children who are witnesses and those whose paretns or caregivers have agreed to testify before teh Court. The policy lays down the fundamental principles under which it should operate when engaging with children, including a child-sensitive approach tha recognises the best interests of the children.

The objectives of this Policy are to:

  • Affirm the commitment of the Office to pay particular attention to crimes against or affecting children;
  • Provide clarity and direction to staff in the interpretation and application of the Statute and the Rules, at all stages of the Office’s work, in order to effectively address crimes against or affecting children;
  • Ensure that staff interact with children sensitively and with due respect for their best interests and rights under international law;
  • Foster and advance a culture of good practices in relation to the protection of rights of children, both within the Office and more broadly; and
  • Contribute, through the implementation of this Policy, to the ongoing development of international jurisprudence regarding crimes against or affecting children.
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