Practical guidance on preventing and responding to unaccompanied children going missing


Date of publication:  01 Apr 2016 Author:  Federica Toscano#uid:4176 Delphine Moralis Jan Murk Rebecca O’Donnell Publisher:  Missing Children Europe Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

This handbook aims to stimulate and disseminate practices on how to better cooperate in prevention, response and after care of missing unaccompanied children. The handbook is inspired by the results of the Report “Best practice and key challenges for interagency cooperation to safeguard unaccompanied migrant children from going missing”. This study specifically looked to combine the experience of both the actors which primarily deal with the care of unaccompanied children (guardians, social workers, reception professionals) and those which focus on disappearances of children (hotlines and law enforcement), and to examine how this combination of actors can cooperate better and on what issues in particular.

This handbook does not comprehensively address general practices in the care of unaccompanied children, but only elements that are linked to preventing and responding to their disappearances.

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