Progress for every child in the SDG era


Date of publication:  01 Mar 2018 Author:  Data and Analytics Section, Division of Data, Research and Policy in UNICEF HQ Publisher:  Data and Analytics Section Division of Data Research and Policy in UNICEF HQ Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This UNICEF document is the first thematic report assessing performance toward achieving the SDG global targets that concern children and young people. It  assesses the world’s performance to date, focusing on 44 indicators grouped into five dimensions of children’s rights. 

The report higlights that, with given current trends, unless efforts are made to accelerate progress to meet the child related SDG targets by 2030:

  • 10 million children will die from preventable causes before their fifth birthday;
  • As many as 31 million children will be stunted due to lack of adequate nutrition;
  • At least 22 million children will miss out on pre-primary education;
  • 150 million girls will marry before their 18th birthday;
  • 670 million people, many of them children, will still be without basic drinking water.

The report calls for renewed efforts to address the global data-deficiency and identifies three principles for moving forward:

  • Improve the quality, coverage, and coordination of data systems;
  • Ensure all countries have minimum data coverage for children;
  • Develop international norms and standards for data collection and analysis.
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