Report on mid-term monitoring of National Agenda for Children for the period 2017–2018


Date of publication:  01 May 2019 Publisher:  UNICEF Albania Publication type:  Report / Study / Data


Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MoHSP) coordinated the Agenda’s monitoring process for the period 2017–2018. The entire process was supported by UNICEF Albania, which, through the Observatory on Children and Youth’s Rights, provided the technical expertise to design the methodology and analyze the information collected from the responsible institutions. The effort was made under the framework of the Joint United Nations Programme ‘Leave No One Behind’, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

At the end the report draws some reflections amongst which there are:

  • The regulatory framework for child rights has significantly changed (improved) since this Agenda was drafted in 2016
  • With the changes from the process of decentralization the role of LGUs should be revisited for the implementation of the Agenda.
  • There are newly established institutions responsible for implementation and reporting of important Agenda measures, as well as redistribution of the responsibilities and roles.

As an overall conclusion the report states that there is an immediate need to review and adequately / realistically plan for the implementation of the actions / measures projected in the Agenda in the coming years.

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