Romania - 2018 country fact sheet on deinstitutionalisation


Date of publication:  01 Jan 2019 Publisher:  Opening Doors Publication type:  Factsheet

“Opening Doors” brings to attention the lack of commitment of the Romanian administration regarding the process of deinstitutionalisation of children social and welfare system, especially due to the delays in the allocation EU funds and the lack of will to promote EU calls for funding the needed reforms of the Romanian child protection system. 

However, despite the delay concerning the EU-funded calls, they still have proven to be relevant in pursuing the path of deinstitutionalisation if implemented properly to stop admissions in the systems and to close down institutions in order to reunify children with their families. The Operational Plan to support the implementation of National Strategy for the Promotion and Protection of Children’s Rights 2014-2020 was updated in 2018 by the Romanian government in order to further develop the process of deinstitutionalisation of the children social and welfare system.

Opening Doors recommends that Romania should build on the lessons learnt from the last EU funding period to avoid delays and have a well planning of EU funds in 2021-2027 budget period as well as pursuing reforms of the child protection system focusing on prevention, closing institutions and supporting the care-leavers of young age. At the EU level, Opening Doors urges the EU to take action and increase pressure on national authorities to implement reforms of the child protection system.

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