Sex Work Migration Health

A report on the intersections of legislation and policies regarding sex work, migration and health in Europe


Date of publication:  10 Oct 2009 Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This report provides a general introduction to the present phenomenon of transnationality of sex work and contextualises the intersecting issues of sex work, migration and health from a human rights perspective. The analysis of the legal and political framing of sex work, migration and health legislation and policies in Europe is conducted with a focus on the assessment and evaluation of: -general legislative approaches towards sex work, – specific legislations and policies that affect migrant and mobile sex workers, – the impact of public health policies on the human rights of sex workers. The following section contains a summary of the main legislative and policy trends in Europe and an analysis of their impact on the working und living conditions of sex workers, including migrant and mobile sex workers. The recommendations for action that follow are geared toward policy makers, the health care sector, private and public health, social and other service providers as well as actors within civil society. The annex of this report contains summaries of the national assessment reports, illustrating the central elements and distinctive features of the models in the different countries.

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