Shining the Spolight on Children: The Impact of Brexit on Children's Rights


Date of publication:  06 Jun 2016 Publisher:  University of Liverpool Publication type:  Newsletter / Review / Bulletin

The  European Children's Rights Unit Team (ECRU) at the Liverpool School of Law and Social Justice have developed a series of briefings discussing the potential consequences of Brexit on matters concerning child welfare and children's rights.The University of Liverpool gives a clear indication that, in terms of child protection and educational services, a Remain result would have been preferable. 

The reports draw attention to the role of EUROPOL and EUROJUST in securing and promoting child protection across borders. In particular, leaving the EU could have consequences for children in terms of the degree of protection they have from cybercrime and from illegal child labour. The reports make a strong case for the EU in terms of facilitating quicker resolutions to cases of parental child abduction following family breakdown. 

Other topics discussed include the potential impact of Brexit on government funding of education and childhood sport schemes. Given that one in ten children now begin primary school suffering from obesity, there are real worries that this situation would become worse without support from the EU with initiatives such as the 'breakfast clubs' challenging childhood malnutrition. 

Now that Brexit has been decided British children must hope that the government takes the necessary steps to ensure their rights are protected and upheld.    

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