Situation Analysis on Children on the Move - Kosovo


Date of publication:  01 Sep 2014 Authors:  partners Mario Publisher:  Mario project Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The Mario project was dedicated to analyzing the situation of children on the move (CoM) in Kosovo by focusing on the agency of children and incorporating a child participatory approach throughout, as foreseen in the Mario Project Methodological Guidelines for Research and Child Consultation (Methodological Guidelines). The research and this report particularly focuses on identifying children on the move or those at risk in Kosovo, including routes of movement whether national or international, the vulnerabilities that children recognize and face when on the move, as well as the assistance those children are being provided with. Additionally, the research outlines the existing child protection system in Kosovo and considers its efficacy in providing protection to CoM by focusing on whether it is effective, inclusive, accessible and adequate. The analysis of the legal and policy framework on the whole shows that it is inclusive of the different groups of children considered to be on the move. However, there are specific areas where improvements could be made including; having specific obligations for providing services, ensuring all children in need are included within the Center’s for Social Work (CSW) register and ensuring effective cooperation between CSW’s when dealing with those cases of children who are continuously moving between municipalities or countries. Similarly, the social assistance scheme does not necessarily alleviate poverty and in cases extreme poverty, which is especially evident among children who are on the move. For child victims of trafficking, it is necessary to harmonise the definition of trafficking between the new anti-trafficking law and the Criminal Code, as well as boost efforts to investigate and prosecute persons or groups involved in trafficking children as well as those committing other offences against child victims. Whereas for returnee children, the returning procedures should be reconsidered in order for authorities and professionals to focus on children including during the reintegration process where the child’s bests interests is a primary consideration.

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