Supportive Communities, Collaborative Families, Protected Children – from Community for Community


Date of publication:  31 Dec 2013 Authors:  Merita Mece Publisher:  Terre des hommes Albania Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This publication (only available in Albanian) is a capitalization of the collaborative work conducted by Terre des hommes in Albania with Community Counseling Group members, including parents and children established as groups of volunteers from Roma and Egyptian vulnerable communities, in Elbasan, Durres, Pogradec, Baltez, Levan, Qender and Novosela communes. It compiles lessons learned from the mobilization and empowerment of vulnerable Roma and Egyptian community members for the protection of children from various forms of abuse and exploitation. It introduces concepts related to the role of the vulnerable communities in the protection of children and the Tdh intervention model in these communities. It highlights the processes followed by Tdh in setting up these groups of volunteers and undertaking participatory mapping of community needs and services, capacity building, support to community activities, etc in order to ensure communities active involvement and contribution to the local child protection safety nets.

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