Towards universal social protection for children: Achieving SDG 1.3

ILO-UNICEF Joint Report on Social Protection for Children


Date of publication:  01 Feb 2019 Publisher:  UNICEF and ILO Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

UNICEF and ILO published a joint report aiming to contribute to the ongoing discussions about the future of social protection for children. According to the report, it is essential for future universal social protection schemes to include and address the needs, concerns and rights of children and their families. The report discusses the challenge of child poverty, the role of social protection in addressing this and related issues, moving towards the universal social protection system, as well as moving towards universal child grants in risk-prone, displacement contexts. The report concludes with a set of practical recommendations and provides summary of key messages:

  • Social protection systems are essential to end child poverty
  • While the impact of poverty on children is particularly harmful, they are more likely to experience it than adults
  • Vast majority of children doesn`t have social protection coverage – in fact only 35% is estimated to have
  • Cash transfers for children are identified as positive trends
  • The spending on social protection for children has increased, but the current level is not enough

The backwards trend was identified as some of the countries are cutting child and family benefits and allowances.

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