Trafficking in Human Beings in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations


Date of publication:  01 Jul 2016 Author:  Olivier Peyroux Publisher:  CARITAS Europe Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

A new CARITAS report shows that Syrian refugee children are being forced into prostitution, arranged marriages and child labour. It outlines the struggles faced by refugee families, who often have to sleep on the streets where they cannot be housed in refugee camps, and who are face extreme economic hardship after paying large fees to reach receiving countries and losing their jobs and possessions, as causes of child labour. Families are often forced to send their children to work, or to get married early. The report also stated that parents may be duped into submitting their daughters to sex traffickers, in what appears to be arrangements for marriage. The report focusses on human trafficking in Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Turkey, Lebanon, France and Ukraine to conclude that those in conflict zones are at much higher risk of exploitation. The report gives several recommendations to address the issue, including the provision of education to refugees outside of camps, and public awareness raising.

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