Violence towards children in the EU


Date of publication:  21 Nov 2014 Authors:  Anna Dimitrova-Stull Publisher:  European Parliament Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

In this 2014 report, the European Parliament explores the different types of violence experienced by children across the EU. The socio-economical costs of failure to act now to prevent violence are significant. This report therefore argues in favor of a multisectoral and public health strategy response to the worrying degree of violence towards children now documented. However, there is also a human element: European governments cannot avert their attention from this problem. The short and long term consequences of experiencing violence as a child include brain damage, cognitive and speech impairments, developmental, behavioral and social problems. With as many as 850 children dying each year in Europe as a direct result of violence, the time to act is now. In addition to government led initiatives and the distribution of necessary resources, individual communities must undertake some form of introspection. Can communities do more to challenge violence against children and to what extent is a paradigmatic shift in attitude towards this phenomenon needed for change to occur? 

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