Voices from Syria 2019

Assessment Findings of the Humanitarian Needs Overview


Date of publication:  01 May 2019 Publisher:  UNFPA Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The publication Voices from Syria arises as an attempt to support the development and implementation of humanitarian programs to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) in Syria.

The report provides an in-depth view of the lives of women and girls in Syria. The data gathered in the report revealed that GBV – particularly sexual violence and sexual harassment, domestic violence, family violence, restriction of movement and early/forced marriage are among the most common violations experienced by Syrian women and girls, particularly adolescent girls. Evidence from the report showed that women, girls, boys, and men have confirmed that GBV occurs in homes, at schools and universities, in the market, and on the street. Also of note, are some positive developments highlighted in the report such as the raising awareness and social advocacy against so-called honor crimes and the existence of specialized services in some areas, etc.

 Furthermore, this report has provided a set of recommendations that portrays the voices of the local women, men, girls, and boys as well as GBV experts and other professionals who provided support to GBV survivors.
The information and the recommendations contained in this report are a valuable resource for professionals, humanitarian workers, and aid agencies to better understand the risks of GBV which continues to pervade the lives of women and girls throughout Syria.


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