A Voluntary European Quality Framework for Social Services


Date of publication:  08 Oct 2010 Publisher:  European Social Protection Committee Publication type:  Legal / Policy Framework

The voluntary European Quality Framework aims to develop a common understanding on the quality of social services within the EU by identifying quality principles that these services should fulfil. Moreover, by proposing a set of methodological guidelines, the Quality Framework should also help public authorities in charge of organising and
financing social services, to develop at the appropriate level, specific tools for the definition, measurement and evaluation of social services' quality. Thus, it will serve as a reference for defining, assuring, evaluating and improving the quality of these services.
The voluntary European Quality Framework has been inspired by various initiatives concerning social services' quality:

  1. (the frameworks and tools which have been put in place by public authorities in the Member States;
  2. the initiatives already launched by the EU stakeholders;
  3. (the Active Inclusion initiative;
  4.  the results of eight projects financed by PROGRESS on the quality of social service;
  5. the position paper issued in November 2007 by the Disability High Level Group providing guidance on how to promote quality social services addressing the particular needs of people with disabilities.
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