“Why are you keeping me here?”: Unaccompanied Children Detained in Greece


Date of publication:  12 Sep 2016 Publisher:  Human Rights Watch Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Based on research from June to July 2016, this report from Human Rights Watch documents the widespread phenomenon of detaining unaccompanied children in police custody in Greece. The report describes the “routine” practice, in which unaccompanied migrant and refugee children are held in overcrowded and unclean cells with reported vermin and insect infestations for weeks and months, against EU and Greek law. “Greece says it has to detain children for their own protection, but being locked up in cramped and filthy cells is the last thing these kids need,” said Rebecca Riddell, Europe fellow at Human Rights Watch. “We’re talking about kids who are all alone and who fled their countries, often to escape violence.”

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