Youth-friendly version of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children

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Date of publication:  01 Jan 2019 Publisher:  SOS Children's Villages International Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

The Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children is a United Nations document that was developed by government authorities, UN bodies and NGOs1, in consultation with children and young people. Unlike the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, these Guidelines are not “legally binding”. This means that states do not HAVE to follow them, but rather should use them as a guiding document.

These Guidelines emphasize the role of the family of origin as the primary environment for children and young people. The family of origin should promote their full and harmonious development. l ensure the most suitable form of alternative care for children who cannot be cared for in their own family.

This document does not use the legal text of the Guidelines (which can be found here:, but rather, is an interpretation from members of the International Youth Council.

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