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Thematic library

Thematic library: Children on the move

The adventures of Kokotako and Assibavi - Are there opportunities for migrant children and youth?
Recognising the fact that migration does not only come with risks or vulnerabilities but also with opportunities and personal development, CORAL project seeks to support migrant children throughout their migratory journey (in plac
“Do no digital harm”. A conversation on handling sensitive data
Publisher: Irin News
"Refugees can pay for groceries with the blink of an eye in Jordan, interactive maps track thousands of people on the move in Syria, a plastic ration card can hold a whole Rohingya family’s details.
National Migration Policies and the Treatment of Children on the Move in Southeast Europe [Childhub Review]
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This review will inform the reader of migration trends, national policies, and the treatment of children on the move in Greece, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, and Bosnia. Please download the document below.
How to Better Manage Children on the Move [ChildHub Summary]
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This summary aims to illustrate areas of improvement for assisting children on the move in the capacity of a social worker or policymaker.
Risks Facing Children on the Move and Effects of Movement [ChildHub Review]
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This summary describes the risks faced by children as well as the effects of movement on children. Risks on the Move
YouCreate: Participatory Action Research - Pilot Art-kit
In the context of the YouCreate project, a toolkit (Art-kit) has been developed by the academic
Theory of Change - Migration, Tackling Child Labour and Access to Justice Programmes
Publisher: Tdh Lausanne
The Theory of change (TOC) illustrates why and how a desired change is likely to occur in a particular context. It seeks to fill the "missing element" between activities or interventions and how they contribute to desired changes.
YouCreate Pilot Project - Capitalization Activities (Midpoint Capitalization)
In the context of the YouCreate project, this document outlines 2 tools to be used for initial
Men and boys in displacement. Assistance and protection challenges for unaccompanied boys and men in refugee contexts
Publisher: CARE & Promundo
"Refugee women and children face specific risks and their needs are, quite rightly, highlighted and addressed by the humanitarian community. However, the situation and specific needs of single male refugees is often less understood.


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