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Thematic multimedia

Thematic multimedia: Children on the move

Children on the Move - UNICEF Research Watch (Video)
06 Sep 2016
Publisher: UNICEF- Office of Research-Innocenti
An estimated 50 million children are on the move in the world today. Millions more have been deeply affected by migration. The need for solid evidence to develop better policies on child migration has never been greater.
International Human Rights Lawyer says ‘EU member states are failing’ in their obligations to refugees (Video)
05 Sep 2016
Publisher: The Independent
The Independent has published this video, featuring a senior Human rights lawyer Christina Velentez, a fellow at Chatham house  who has called on the EU who are “failing” refugees, to fulfil their international obligations in line with the UNHCR m
What's changed for child refugees heading to Europe? (Video)
05 Sep 2016
Publisher: Al Jazeera
This video from Al Jazeera asks, one year on from the photos of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi, what has changed for child refugees arriving in Europe?
Girls in Danger: 5 dangers girls face in disasters (Infographic)
02 Sep 2016
As part of their ‘Because I am a girl’ project, Plan International have produced an infographic series which documents the challenges girls face in emergencies.
Powerful Photo Series Honours Refugee Dads around the World (Image)
29 Aug 2016
Publisher: Mashable
To mark Australian father’s day, Mashable has published an emotional and personal photo series that captures the powerful relationships between fathers and their children in the midst of crisis.
Mediterranean Update Migration Flows Europe: Arrivals and Fatalities (Infographic)
09 Aug 2016
Publisher: IOM
IOM’s Missing Migrants Project reports migrant and refugee fatalities in the Mediterranean have already surpassed the total for the first eight months of 2015.
Accompanying the Most Vulnerable: Infographic from the Rabat Process on good practices concerning unaccompanied minors (Infographic)
28 Jul 2016
Publisher: The Rabat Process
This infographic by the Rabat Process highlights the challenges faced by unaccompanied minors and outlines good practices for working  with children who are not under the care of an adult who is, by law, responsible for them.
Young refugees trafficked in Italy (Video)
28 Jul 2016
Publisher: Al Jazeera
This video from Al Jazeera  investigates the increase of young refugees in Italy who are becoming involved in prostitution, the drug trade and crime in order to survive and repay their debts to smugglers.
Foreign Unaccompanied Children in Europe (Infographic)
26 Jul 2016
Publisher: Government of United Kingdom
The UK Report for the House of Lords, 'Children in Crisis'
Charity warns migrant crisis could fuel trafficking victims in UK (Video)
15 Jul 2016
Publisher: Euronews
Anne Read, Director of Anti-Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Services for The Salvation Army, talks to insiders about a rise in trafficking victims in the UK and how Europe’s migrant crisis could further fuel numbers.


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