Family focused interventions for refugee children in the urban context (ChildHub Webinar)

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Date of webinar: 
21 Sep 2017
Start and finish time of webinar: 
3pm CET
Dr. Nancy Baron, Founder and Director of the Psycho-Social Services and Training Institute
Child Protection Hub

The urban context offers unique opportunities and miseries for refugee children.

Over 60% of displaced people are now living in urban contexts. Humanitarian workers have focused on fine tuning the design and implementation of interventions for displaced children in camps. These interventions cannot be cloned and new innovation is needed in the urban context. Specific family – not child - focused strategies and interventions will be presented in this webinar. These interventions help to empower families so that parents have positive attitudes and responsibly guide their children to find opportunities and live safely in the urban context despite its challenges and disappointments.


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About the presenter:

Dr. Nancy Baron is the Founder and Director of the Psycho-Social Services and Training Institute in Cairo, Egypt. This program provides psychosocial, mental health and protection interventions to African, Iraqi and Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in the urban context. The team is a trained group of refugees assisting their communities 24-7 through home and community based support by refugees for refugees in their own language and in accordance with their cultures and traditions.

Dr. Baron received her Doctorate in Education at the University of Massachusetts, U.S.A. with a concentration in Family Therapy and Counseling Psychology. Since 1989, she has provided consultation, assessment, training, program design and development, monitoring and evaluation for UN organizations and international and local NGOs in community and family focused psychosocial, mental health, protection and peace building initiatives for conflict and post-conflict countries. She has trained teams and lived and worked with emergency affected populations in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Jordan and Lebanon; in Africa: Burundi, Egypt, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda; in Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan and Sri Lanka; in Eastern Europe: Kosovo and Albania; in South America: Colombia; and in the South Pacific: Solomon Islands.


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