My Destination App: online tool to collect testimonies of children on the move [Childhub webinar]

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Date of webinar: 
08 Jun 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
2pm CET
Elisa Buccolini – Destination Unknown Campaign Communication Coordinator

MyDestination App is a child-friendly tool designed for children on the move to visualize their stories on a world map. This psychosocial tool was developed in the framework of the Destination Unknown Campaign, a technology to be applied within programmes which helps children to process their - sometimes traumatic – migration experiences. At the same time, the stories provide good insight on the motivations, routes and challenges children face during their journey. Anonymously it captures their current situation/location and their projects for the future.

The collection of stories from children on the move via this online app builds also a database for advocacy: make the voices and views of children and youth be heard in public, media, policy and institutional spheres.

Destination Unknown Campaign:

Destination Unknown campaign was launched in 2012 to raise awareness about violation of the rights of migrant children - children on the move - who are fleeing war, poverty and violence. According to the most recent data, children on the move who cross border are nearly 35 million worldwide. The Campaign aims at enhancing adequate policy for effective protection and to provide concrete actions for these children, particularly those vulnerable to abuse, violence, exploitation and discrimination. In Europe, field projects are implemented for the reception, protection, psychosocial and legal support of children in Italy (Sicily, FARO project), Malta (in association with KOPIN), Greece (in association with ARSIS) as well as in Central and South-East Europe (in Serbia with Novi Sad Humanitarian Center (NSHC) and in Macedonia with Open Gate - La Strada ). 

About the lecturer:

Elisa Buccolini has a mass communications science background with a focus on international relations and anthropology. She has four years of experience in designing integrated communications solutions for mobile, web, social media, web applications, and in creating digital content. In the last five years she has worked on communications and advocacy campaigns in the nonprofit sector for socio-political, international development, and human rights causes. She has also worked in three Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, sharing her expertise as a trainer for the project, “Social Communication Online as an Instrument for Ethnic and Religious Integration in Lebanon.”

You can find the recordings of the webinar HERE

Kristen Hope
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Webinar time?

Hello, I'm looking forward to this webinar. Could you please specify what time it will take place?

Many thanks,


Evgenia Generalova
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Dear Kristen, it is going to

Dear Kristen, it is going to be at 2pm. Thanks for your interest!

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