[Croatia] The cooperation between Brave Phone and elementary school of Polyclinic SUVAG

05 Apr 2018

On 16th of March 2018 students who are included in the students council in their elementary school of Polyclinic for Rehabilitation of the Listening and Speech  SUVAG have visited Child Helpline Brave Phone.

In the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb  they have been greeted by the "Brave Helpers" – children who are included in the program for peer assistance of Brave Phone. During the whole year the "Brave Helpers"  learn about many topics which are relevant for children and youth – non violent conflict resolving, peer relations, child rights and obligations, tolerance and coping with stress in school. In their own schools, Elementary School Borovje and Elementary School Gustav Krklec, they already run workshops with younger and  senior students. 

Theme of this meeting were child rights, which is the most important topic in the students council of Elementary School of Polyclinic SUVAG this year. The children have met each other trough fun and interactive activities, exchanged experiences and talked about child rights. At the end, they have visited the Child Helpline of Brave Phone. There they could firsthand see how does the Child Helpline look like and who are the volunteers. Besides, they found out which are the most common reasons why many children call Brave Phone. They also got information how to contact the Helplinetrough chat, e-mail or Facebook – with confidentially and anonymously.


Jiyam Shrestha
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Child Helpline

Child Helpline is very useful for children. Children themselves or someone who are among the critical mass can help calling in the helpline. In Nepal we use 1098 free hotline as it is same number in south Asian region. It is good initiation. As it is run by civilsociety organization and case is handled by experts. It is safe to raise concern in many ways. On the news, the childrenvisited the hotline center and learned the process to contact when they need. It is great idea to visit the place by children. The visited children can communicate the process and benifits to other children through child to child process. I liked the ides.

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