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2016 - Child Rights Connect Working Group on Investment in Children
UN Committee on the Rights of the Child adopts a General Comment on ‘Public budgeting for the realization of children’s rights’
With the adoption of the General Comment, States will now have access to detailed guidance on how to implement UNCRC Article 4 and utilize public budgets to realize all children’s rights, including the rights of the most excluded groups of children...
2016 - UN General Assembly
The report prepared by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for the World Humanitarian Summit offers an in-depth analysis of the Agenda for Humanity, following five core responsibilities. Ban Ki-moon endorses the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit...
2016 - UN High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing
The recent report prepared by the High Level Panel on humanitarian financing to the UN Secretary-General outlines required strategy for addressing the gaps in financing humanitarian projects across the world. The world’s current expenditure of...

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