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2000 - Constitutional And Legal Policy Institute
This paper will discuss there formative and developmental roles that education can play in (criminal) juvenile justice systems. The paper does not vend itself out as a study or research project, nor will it provide clear-cut answers as to how to...
2000 - United Nations
Adopted by resolution A/RES/55/25 of 15 November 2000 at the fifty-fifth session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Entry into force: 25 December 2003
2000 - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
In this document are presented data on unaccompanied minors (UAMs). The data presented in this document should be regarded as indicative only.
2000 - Un Economic And Social Council
This updated review provides a further update on the Awad and Whitaker studies, and summarizes the core international law against slavery: its origins and the progress of the international campaign to abolish the slave trade and slavery, the legal...
2000 - Council of Europe
The Council of Europe and the protection of human rights
In the field of human rights the Council of Europe’s work – by means of conventions or otherwise – entails: protecting civil and political rights through the mechanism of an individual complaints procedure; protecting social and...
2000 - United Nations
The objective of the Optional Protocol is to seek limits on the use of children in armed conflict and, particularly, to raise the minimum age limit for recruitment and to limit the actual participation of persons under 18 years in hostilities.
2000 - United Nations
The purpose of this Protocol is to prevent and combat the smuggling of migrants, as well as to promote cooperation among States Parties to that end, while protecting the rights of smuggled migrants.
2000 - International Labour Organisation
This manual is for programme managers, administrators and researchers in national and international institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations which need accurate and detailed research in order to understand the...


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