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2002 - International Office for Migration
This publication is the result of two projects funded by the European Commission?s STOP Programme in 2000/2001 and 2001/2002. This project’s recommendations are intended mainly for those working on combating trafficking in human beings and...
2002 - Council of European Union
The purpose of this Directive is to provide a definition of the facilitation of illegal immigration and consequently to render more effective the implementation of framework Decision 2002/946/JHA in order to prevent that offence. This Directive...
2002 - Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
The document was prepared by the Immigration Board of Canada as a background note for its internal procedures. It uses sources accessed on the web, as well as interviews with representatives of the Hungarian authorities. The document was accessed on...
2002 - Expert Group Meeting On Trafficking In Women And Girls
The root causes of migration and vulnerability to trafficking include not only the weak economic situation of women but also discrimination against them in their countries of origin. Discrimination against women in the labour market, growing...
2002 - International Office for Migration
The present paper (…) provides an assessment of our current state of knowledge about the trafficking of women and children in Europe. Whilst interest in trafficking in human beings generally has never been greater, our knowledge base remains...
2002 - United Nation Children's Fund
This Digest assesses the human rights situation of poor and marginalised children in urban areas around the world. It considers the range of problems that these children and their families face; it draws attention to the need for actions based on a...
2002 - European Union
European Union Annual Report on Human Rights 2002
The Report is the fourth of its kind. It covers the period from 1 July 2001 to 30 June 2002. Consequently, more recent developments such as the adoption of a range of democratic reforms in Turkey, the impact of which the EU will monitor closely,...
2002 - Committee Against Modern Slavery
The project aims at collecting and promoting best practices regarding the assistance of victims of trafficking with a view to their integration in the countries of destination as well as to their reintegration in the countries of origin.
2002 - International Office for Migration
This paper will focus mainly on IOM’s experience in the Counter-trafficking field in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, particularly in relation to prevention of trafficking and direct assistance to victims, mostly women and minors...
2002 - Journal of Mental Health
By assessing the social work literature, the article aims to determine if social workers face greater stress than other health professionals and what factors lead to stress and burnout among social workers. They concluded that it is hard to compare...


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