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2005 - Council of European Union
Such a plan should aim at strengthening the commitment of the EU, and the Member States to prevent and fight trafficking in human beings, committed for the purpose of all forms of exploitation and to the protection, support and rehabilitation of...
2005 - Parliament Of Moldova
The present Law establishes the obligations of Moldavian State Institutions concerning: prevention and combating of trafficking in human beings and protection and assistance granted to its victims.
2005 - International Office for Migration
This report presents the results of 12 months of active research and training activities carried out with delegations from 13 European countries. (…) IOM carried out national research on legislation and practices related to the identification...
2005 - European Union
Following a silence procedure launched on 21 November and ended on 23 November 2005, the attached EU Statement has been approved by the Council and is therefore released with a view to World AIDS Day (1 December 2005). ?On the occasion of World...
2005 - United Nation Children's Fund
This document contains the list of the background documents and the Expert Papers and Presentations of the expert discussion. The overall objective of the expert discussion was to identify recommended methods and approaches for the involvement of...
2005 - United Nation Children's Fund
The Expert Discussion on Transitional Justice and Children was convened from 10 to 12 November 2005. This document contains the report of the expert discussion and the recommendations of the working group.
2005 - Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
Core objectives on: Parliamentary Cooperation; Local Democracy and Cross-Border Cooperation; Energy and other Regional Infrastructure; Trade, Investment and Employment; Fighting organised crime and corruption; Managing and stabilising population...
2005 - All For Fair Trials
The lack of thorough empirical analysis of the situation in the Republic of Macedonia regarding the issue of the state’s success in tackling the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings within the institutions responsible for its prosecution...
2005 - European Trade Union Confederation
The conference addressed the growing interdependence between the formal and informal economy – and those performing formal or informal work – and the challenges that arise from this for trade unions. It particularly focussed on the need...
2005 - United Nations Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo
Signed on 14th day of October 2005.


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