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2015 - Terre des hommes Romania
The aim of the best practice booklet is to share knowledge on child trafficking in Romania and the UK with a focus on the exit procedures of minors and role of involved parties. It wants to raise awareness on the necessary practices to be taken for...
2015 - Terre des hommes Romania
This material contains information on child trafficking in Romania, procedures in place for Romanian children to exit the country, child risks and vulnerable points, children rights and recommended actions to be taken in order to facilitate support...
2015 - Fafo
  This document discusses the experiences of the organisation in developing and implementing a trafficking prevention project in a town in Albania, inspired by and drawing on a particular approach to behavioural and social change called “positive...
2013 - Center for the Study of Democracy
This Handbook presents the main results of an in-depth evaluation study of the legal, policy and practical frameworks for assistance to and reintegration of child victims of trafficking in six EU Member States – Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy,...
2011 - National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC)
The American NGO Polaris has developed this tool specifically for educators and school-based professionals to help recognise, respond and prevent human trafficking in an educational context. While it was developed for the US it has important...

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