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2019 - KOMF (Coalition of NGO's on Child Protection in Kosovo)
Kosovo Government has approved the Concept Document on Social and Family Services in the last meeting. The third option proposed by working group has been evaluated as the right one, which recommends drafting a new Draft Law to repeal Law No. 02/L-...
2019 - KOMF (Coalition of NGO's on Child Protection in Kosovo)
Municipal Regulation and Action Plan on Children’s Rights aims to put in the center of their attention and reinstate as a priority in their municipal governance agenda the issues dealing with and related to children. These documents provide the...
2019 - MHSP
  Minister of Health and Social Protection has issued an order that approves the Standards of Service in the Multifunctional Community Centers and charges the respective government agencies to monitor and inspect the application of these standards...
2019 - Council of the European Union
The Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on the role of youth work in the context of migration and refugee matters.
2018 - OSCE Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has produced a publication as a follow-up of the 17th Alliance against Trafficking in Persons conference and the recommendations formulated during the conference. The document is especially...
2018 -
The Council of the European Union adopted a resolution on the Youth Strategy 2019-2027.
2018 - Albanian Council of Ministers
  In October 3d, 2018 the Albanian Council of Ministers has approved the new Procedures on Refering and Managing of Cases, Designing and Follow up of the Individual Protection Plan, financial means for its implementation and implementation of the...
2018 - Službeni glasnik
In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 80/2018 a new Rulebook on additional education, health and social support of the child, a pupil and adult was published. This Rulebook regulates the detailed requirements for assessing the needs...
2018 - UNICEF
National Network for Children reported about the document "Child Violence in Bulgaria: Analysis and Assessment of National Legislation on Prevention, Recognition, Reporting, Response and Intervention by Institutions for Children Victims of Violence...
2017 - AMA
The code was developed during 2017 and approved by AMA at the end of 2017. It contains important sections on the rights of children and people with disability (section 5 and 6)


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