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2014 - European Roma Rights Center
The migration of Roma from Southeast Europe into European Union (EU) Member States or of Roma making use of freedom of movement within the EU easily makes headlines all over Europe. Their actual situation, the reasons for their migration and the (...
2012 - European Roma Rights Center

Taken From the City - Cover Page

The European Roma Rights Centre has published a study detailing the forced eviction of dozens of Romanian Roma to the outskirts of a rubbish dump. The study details the events leading to the eviction and how the families coped with the ordeal. The...
2011 - European Roma Rights Center
This study explores the representation and human rights situation of Romani children in institutional care in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Slovakia. It follows a report issued by the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC)...
2011 - European Roma Rights Center
Breaking the Silence
The research conducted by the ERRC and PiN in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia indicates that trafficking in persons affects Roma disproportionately. Although relevant official data does not exist, the estimates provided...

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