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2003 - World Health Organization
The purpose of this HIV and Infant Feeding Framework for Priority Action is to recommend key actions to governments, related to infant and young child feeding, that cover the special circumstances associated with HIV/AIDS. The aim of these actions...
2003 - United Nation Children's Fund
Millions of young girls never attend school at all, millions more never complete their education (…). These millions of girls slip easily to the margins of our societies (…) with fewer choices in their lives and less hope for the future...
2002 - United Nations Population Fund
This publication provides information about action taken by UNFPA to prevent HIV infection. HIV/AIDS threatens to destroy a whole generation of leaders, workers, parents and youth, and to create a generation of orphans in the worst-affected...
2002 - Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children
The aim of this document is to stimulate policy makers, managers and implementers to strengthen their response to HIV/AIDS. It is not a comprehensive guide to HIV/AIDS programming in refugee settings.
2001 - United Nation Children's Fund
What emerges in these pages is a sense of the complexity and scale of the problem and the multiple elements that fuel both the supply and the demand for children. Sexual abuse places children at heightened risk of being drawn into the sex trade;...


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