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2007 - International Office for Migration
It has been two decades since the international community began to wake up to the issue of internal displacement. Following the end of the cold war with the breakdown of borders, power struggles and civil wars, the number of “visible”...
2007 -
The platform is a project organized by Medicus Mundi Switzerland. (You can access the English, French, German version of the website). The platform aims to provide information, pool experience and knowledge and offer a forum for...
2007 - Xvi International Aids Conference - Aids 2006
The Official Newspaper of the XVI International AIDS Conference, Edition 3, 15 August 2006 contains the latest news and information from the conference.This edition contains the following articles: – Current Challenges in the Global Response...
2007 - Open Democracy
The interests of women and girls working in the sex industry must be at the heart of policy over the global HIV/Aids epidemic, says Donna M. Hughes.

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