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2012 - United Nation Children's Fund
A new progress report released by UNICEF titled *“Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed“_ is showing a sharp drop in the estimated number of deaths among children under the age of five worldwide. The report *combines mortality...
2010 - United Nation Children's Fund
Eastern Europe and Central Asia continue to see rapid increases in HIV infections among men, women and children. Despite some notable successes in responding to the epidemic, it is unlikely that the Universal Access targets and the Millennium...
2007 - United Nation Children's Fund
The article presents the case of an Albanian women, Luiza. She has lost her husband to AIDS, and is HIV positive herself, along with three of her four children. Yet she lives in secrecy because of the stigma of AIDS in Albania.
2006 - United Nation Children's Fund
This document contains the following: facts and figures, building a protective environment for children, examples of UNICEF in action.
2003 - United Nation Children's Fund
As HIV/AIDS spreads through nations, it disproportionately affects: women, adolescents and children. This publication looks at the global development challenge posed by HIV/AIDS and the lessons already learned through UNICEF’s work on the...
2003 - United Nation Children's Fund
Millions of young girls never attend school at all, millions more never complete their education (…). These millions of girls slip easily to the margins of our societies (…) with fewer choices in their lives and less hope for the future...
2001 - United Nation Children's Fund
What emerges in these pages is a sense of the complexity and scale of the problem and the multiple elements that fuel both the supply and the demand for children. Sexual abuse places children at heightened risk of being drawn into the sex trade;...
2000 - United Nation Children's Fund
The State of the World’s Children 2000 seeks to fan the flame that burned so brilliantly a decade ago when world leaders adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It summarizes the progress made over the last decade in meeting the...

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