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2006 - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNHCR publication on HIV and AIDS, graphic novel illustrating the need to ensure a welcoming and discrimination-free environment for refugees and returnees.
2006 - World Health Organization
There is a chronic shortage of well-trained health workers. The shortage is global, but most acutely felt in the countries that need them most. For a variety of reasons, such as the migration, illness or death of health workers, countries are...
2006 - World Health Organization
This book tells the story of HIV/AIDS in Europe from a broad variety of perspectives: biomedical, social, cultural, economic and political. The authors are leading experts from across the Region and include both the infected and the affected, be...
2006 - Uniunea Nationala A Organizatiilor Persoanelor Afectate De Hiv/sida
UNOPA and their partners (Tdh and UNAIDS Romania) where organized in Bucharest, on February 17 20, 2006, the first Meeting of the organizations of PLWHA from SE Europe. The 37 participants at this first meeting had the opportunity to present their...
2006 - Xvi International Aids Conference - Aids 2006
This document contains the remarks and notes from the end of the XVI International AIDS Conference, organized by the International AIDS Society (IAS) and the AIDS 2006 Toronto Local Host. This is the biennial gathering of the global AIDS community.
2006 - Center For Women's Global Leadership
Strengthening Resistance focuses on the points of intersection in the social, political and public health crises of violence against women and HIV/AIDS. The report uses a human rights lens to focus on critical political challenges and on innovative...
2005 - The International Save the Children Alliance
Children's voices have often been missing from discussions about child sexual abuse and exploitation, and studies on these topics often neglect children's perspective. This report includes recommendations from children on what they need and how they...
2005 - Stop Aids Alliance
The main objective of the meeting is to work towards improving EU policies on HIV/AIDS and development. They want to ensure that previous commitments from the EU presidency are turned into concrete results and that HIV/AIDS remains a priority for...
2005 - International Office for Migration
Most of the papers in this volume present a broad overview of current research and data on trafficking in particular regions of the world. Nine of the articles focus on specific regions and three of the articles explore issues relating to research...
2005 - Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/aids
The world must take urgent account of the specific impact of AIDS on children, or there will be no chance of meeting Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 6 Â to halt and begin to reverse the spread of the disease by 2015. Significant progress is...


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