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2004 - United Nations World Food Programme
This document provides practical guidance; it is an overview of twenty specific opportunities on the integration of food and nutrition programmes with support activities for people with HIV infection or AIDS among refugees and host populations. It...
2004 - Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/aids
This document contains assessment of the epidemiological situation on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.
2004 - World Health Organization
The World Health Report 2004 Changing History, published by the World Health Organization, calls for a comprehensive HIV/AIDS strategy that links prevention, treatment, care and long-term support. Until now, treatment has been the most neglected...
2004 - Romanian Government
The 2004-2007 Strategy is conceived as a flexible document, which will guide the activities of all national and international partners. The strategy proposes three major intervention areas and also foresees the national coordination mechanism for...

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