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2006 - Home Office Moldova
The Report provides general background information about the issues most commonly raised in asylum/human rights claims made in the United Kingdom. It includes information available up to 8 March 2006. The Report aims to provide a brief summary of...
2006 - Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/aids
More than 50 governments’ representatives, leaders from civil society organizations, people living with HIV, including from the newly established South Eastern European Network of People living with HIV met in Bucharest, Romania, to explore...
2006 - International Council Of Aids Service Organizations
In 2005, the G8 and UN Member States committed to ?developing and implementing a package for HIV prevention, treatment and care with the aim of coming as close as possible to the goal of universal access to treatment by 2010 for all those who need...
2006 - Global Movement For Children
“Saving Lives” was published in the name of the Global Movement for Children, a worldwide movement of organizations and people – including children uniting efforts to build a world fit for children.
2006 - Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/aids
In the past two years, the number of people living with HIV increased in every region in the world. This report contains the latest developments in the global AIDS epidemic. With maps and regional summaries (related to Sub/Saharan Africa, Caribbean...
2006 - Uniunea Nationala A Organizatiilor Persoanelor Afectate De Hiv/sida
Powerpoint presentation on the HIV/AIDS situation in Romania in 2005;and the UNOPA/Romania objectives and legal initiatives.
2006 - Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/aids
The 2006 Report on the global AIDS epidemic contains the most comprehensive set of data on the country response to the AIDS epidemic ever compiled. Not only did 126 countries submit full reports, but, for the first time, civil society was actively...
2006 - United Nations General Assembly
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly without reference to a Main Committee (A/60/L.57)
2006 - Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/aids
The document contains the chronology of the AIDS epidemic spreading since 1981, and the 25 years of struggle to control the epidemic.
2006 - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNHCR publication on HIV and AIDS, graphic novel illustrating the need to ensure a welcoming and discrimination-free environment for refugees and returnees.


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