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2020 - British Association of Social Workers
A Practice Guide for Social Workers regarding domestic abuse and child welfare was published in April 2020 by BASW. In times of a pandemic and nationwide lockdowns, people are more vulnerable than ever and these circumstances heighten the risk of...
2018 - Child Rights Centre
The publication is intended for parents or guardians, but also for all professionals involved in the upbringing of children. The publication contains a theoretical overview of physical punishment and a positive discipline as well as guidelines for...
2018 - Friends of children in Serbia
The new Strategy for the Prevention and Protection of Children against Violence also included children who had the opportunity to say what they think about violence against children. Two years after the end of the previous Strategy for the...
2018 - Springer Nature
Abstract. “Children, i.e. people between 0 and 18 years old, have human rights. This is undisputed and the Convention of the Rights of the Child is a sufficient indication of this fact. What remains problematic is what they can do with their rights...
2016 - WHO
This package of seven evidence-based strategies builds on growing evidence that violence against children is preventable, and on a growing public consensus that it will no longer be tolerated. The package will help unify multisectoral efforts to...
2014 - The Government of the Republic of Croatia
By acceding to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (Decision on publication of multilateral international agreements to which the Republic of Croatia is a party based on the notification on succession, Official Gazette No 12/93), the Republic...
2012 - Budapest F?város Önkormányzatának Módszertani Gyermekvédelmi Szakszolgálata
The present methodological guidance – which is only available in Hungarian – aims to provide assistance to all adults coming into contact with children in state care (so not only for child protection professionals) to be able to make...
2008 - Inner South Community Health Service
Adolescent violence can be perpetrated against mothers, fathers, siblings and carers by daughters and sons. There are many reasons why it occurs. These include children witnessing or experiencing family violence and repeating their fathers’ abusive...

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