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This is an online library with  publications related to child protection, including legislation, professional guidance, research reports and toolkits. Please use the filter function to adjust your search or try out the Document Galaxy for a more intuitive search.

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2016 - Destination Unknown
This document offers 9 recommended principles by which governments, NGOs and all other stakeholders should be guided in their consideration and treatment of children on the move. These recommendations draw particular attention to the fact that all...
2015 - Terre des Hommes and the Destination Unknown Campaign
Hundreds of thousands of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are on the move within Europe, amidst the multiple needs of these populations, particular attention should be given to the protection of their mental health and psychosocial wellbeing....
2015 - UNHCR, IOM and
This brief guidance note seeks to provide advice on protecting and supporting the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Europe. It describes key principles and appropriate interventions to guide all...

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