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This is an online library with  publications related to child protection, including legislation, professional guidance, research reports and toolkits. Please use the filter function to adjust your search or try out the Document Galaxy for a more intuitive search.

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2016 - ChildHub
This research ascertains how frontline / social workers in Serbia are meeting the needs of refugee and migrant children. The circumstances in which such workers are operating are extremely challenging, particularly so because a number of recent...
2016 - Eurochild
This report gives insight into the plight of migrant children attempting to reach safety in Europe. The report draws on the first hand perspectives of nine professionals working on the ground across Europe (Greece, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Austria,...
2016 - Destination Unknown
This document offers 9 recommended principles by which governments, NGOs and all other stakeholders should be guided in their consideration and treatment of children on the move. These recommendations draw particular attention to the fact that all...

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