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This is an online library with  publications related to child protection, including legislation, professional guidance, research reports and toolkits. Please use the filter function to adjust your search or try out the Document Galaxy for a more intuitive search.

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2015 - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
This FRA publication examines the legislative and policy provisions available in the EU to protect children with disabilities from abuse. Evidence indicates that children with disabilities are considerably more at risk than non-disabled children....
2015 - Institute of Mental Health, Serbia
The manual provides a theoretical and practical framework for improving clinical practice of the health system in the field of protection of children from all forms of abuse. In the theoretical aspect, Manual defines precisely the forms of abuse and...
2015 - European Commission
The document was published in advance of the 9th European Forum on the rights of the child which focussed on integrated child protection systems. The purpose of this document is to: Promote a shared understanding among Forum participants of the...

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