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2020 - The Opening Doors campaign
The transition from institutional to family- and community-based care has received growing support from the European Union and its Member States. On one hand, the EU has been issuing policy guidance and allocating significant amounts of EU funds...
2017 -
  Reacнout.BG is a nongovernmental organization whose main purpose is the structured long-term assistance of children and teenagers deprived of family and parental care. The organization is a member of the National network for children and is...
2015 - The Opening Doors campaign
Opening Doors - Country Snapshots
There are 16,000 fewer children in institutions today compared to 2013. However, a considerable amount of children are still entering public care and rates of family separation are high in number of countries, including Bulgaria, Lithuania, Serbia...
2013 - Know-How Centre for Alternative Care for Children, NBU
This evaluation report seeks to study the impact of closing the institutions for babies in Kyustendil and Shiroka Laka on children, parents, interested individuals from the community, political leaders.  By comparing the closure of the two Homes for...
2012 - Know-How Centre for Alternative Care for Children
Evaluation of the lessons learned from the closure of: The Home for Children and Youth with Mental Disabilities „St. Petka” in Mogilino village, The Home for Children with Mental Disabilities in Gorna Koznitza village and the Children’s Medical and...
2012 - Know-How Centre for Alternative Care for Children
An evaluation report on the communication and coordination of the activities during the implementation of the national strategy 'Vision on deinstitutionalization  of children Bulgaria, 2012.

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