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2016 - European Commission
This is the first Commission report on trafficking in human beings since the adoption of the anti-trafficking Directive. In accordance with Recital 27 and Article 19 of that directive, the report is divided into three main sections: trends in...
2011 - La Strada International
Anti-trafficking legislation and mechanisms are in place at national level in almost all 27 EU Member States, as well as at EU level. Social protection programmes for presumed and/or identified trafficked persons are provided by public and non-...
2009 - Commission Of The European Communities
Trafficking in human beings is considered one of the most serious crimes worldwide, a gross violation of human rights, a modern form of slavery, and an extremely profitable business for organised crime. It consists of the recruitment, transfer or...
2009 - Commission Of The European Communities
The Framework Decision will both repeal and incorporate Framework Decision 2004/68/JHA to include the following new elements: On substantive criminal law in general Serious forms of child sexual abuse and exploitation currently not covered by EU...
2005 - Council of European Union
Such a plan should aim at strengthening the commitment of the EU, and the Member States to prevent and fight trafficking in human beings, committed for the purpose of all forms of exploitation and to the protection, support and rehabilitation of...
2005 - Council of European Union
The Council and the Commission intend this Action Plan to be the frame of reference for their work over the next five years. It will be updated at the end of 2006. The Action Plan is setting up of a system for objective and impartial evaluation of...
2000 - United Nations
The objective of the Optional Protocol is to seek limits on the use of children in armed conflict and, particularly, to raise the minimum age limit for recruitment and to limit the actual participation of persons under 18 years in hostilities.


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