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2018 - UNICEF
National Network for Children reported about the document "Child Violence in Bulgaria: Analysis and Assessment of National Legislation on Prevention, Recognition, Reporting, Response and Intervention by Institutions for Children Victims of Violence...
2016 - University of Liverpool
The  European Children's Rights Unit Team (ECRU) at the Liverpool School of Law and Social Justice have developed a series of briefings discussing the potential consequences of Brexit on matters concerning child welfare and children's rights.The...
2015 - European Commission
Evaluation of child participation in the EU
This document presents key findings from an evaluation of legislation, policy and practice on child participation in the European Union. A full account of the study is provided separately within the main research report. The evaluation aimed to...
2011 - Ombudsman, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality
The rights of the child in international documents contain texts of the most important international documents relevant to the field of child rights. In addition to human rights documents, the publication contains the texts of universal documents on...
2011 -
2010 -
The assembly of REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA, approves the law No. 10 347, date 4 November 2010 CONCERNING THE PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD In accordance with articles 78 and 83, paragraph 1 of the Constitution, on proposal from the Council of...
2005 - United Nations Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo
This Law sets out and regulates for the provision of Social and Family Services to persons who are in need and families who are in need in Kosovo.
2005 - Republic of Bulgaria
Bulgraian law on protection against domestic violence.
2004 -
LAW 9188, dated 12.02.2004 ON CERTAIN AMENDMENTS TO LAW NO. 7895, dated 27.1.1995 "CODE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA",  Pursuant to Articles 81 and 83 paragraph 1 of the Constitution, with the proposal of the Council of Ministers, ASSEMBLY OF THE...
2004 - Parliament of Romania
The present law regulates the legal framework concerning the observance, promotion and guaranteeing of the rights of the child. The public authorities, the authorized private institutions, as well as the natural and legal persons responsible for...


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